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One of two things is happening here. If this is the case, set the Message Offset back to 0 and try changing your timezone on the Settings page of your account.

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This means that the phone user has turned off their GPS unit. Most people do this in order to extend their battery life. Also, if you have your GPS Interval set to 5 minutes or less, this can really eat through the battery and cause the user to disable this feature.

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What should I do? When I review the message logs on my account, the conversation is broken up or hard to follow. Incoming messages might show up several hours away from their outgoing messages. Only outgoing messages. What could be happening? Why is that? I am upgrading from a previous version. What is the safest way to do a full reinstall?

Track Text Messages With SMS Tracking Software

In today's toxic digital world, parent's today must be extra vigilant. Super app for watching kids I really like this app and would recommend to anyone. Apart from the monthly subscription plan, quarterly and annual subscriptions are also available. You can read all the sent and received messages remotely from an online control panel without touching the device.

Remotely track & monitor calls, text messages, browser history and much more!

Other than this, you can also view their names and contact numbers. TrackMyFone is compatible with both Android and iPhone no jailbreak.

There Are a Lot of Things SMS Spy Tracker Can Do

Check the compatibility chart below to see if it supports your device:. Spyzie allows you to view a complete record of all the sent and received messages along with the name of the sender. You can also download the attachments sent along the text messages on your phone. Spyzie has a cool feature that allows you to analyze the message history of the target device too.

With that, you can instantly judge who the most important contact is from the frequency of their messages. Spyzie is compatible with Android and iPhone no rooting and jailbreak required. Here is a compatibility chart for Spyzie:. Both these editions are available in one month, three months, and one-year licenses. It has separate versions for iPhone jailbreak and iPhone without jailbreak. Here is a compatibility chart for mSpy:. The basic bundle is only available on monthly subscriptions. Premium and no-jailbreak bundles are available in 1-month, 3-month and month subscription. See Also: Why Xnspy is better than mSpy?

SpyEra was originally created as a text message spying app but later on, more features were added to help parents and employers keep tabs on the activities of another person.

Its control panel provides with you all the captured data from text messages in a single report. SpyEra captures sent and received text messages along with the ones that have been deleted. You can check details such as contact name, the phone number associated with the message, and also its date and time. It gives you real-time access to the data on the monitored device. Through your web-based control panel, you can read all these messages anytime.

It notifies you whenever the target device receives a text. Also, you can download all these messages in an excel file. Blurspy is compatible with Android and iOS. Check the compatibility chart below for more details:. It allows you to read all the incoming and outgoing text messages on an Android or iOS device. You simply have to install it on the target device and let it do the spying. MobiStealth is compatible with Android and iPhone no jailbreak required. In case you think your child or employee is abusing their texts or internet privileges then GuestSpy could be another app that you could give a try.

GuestSpy lets you track all the sent and received messages on the target device. You can also view the deleted messages from the control panel. You can also get the time and date stamps of each message. GuestSpy is compatible with Android and iPhone jailbreak is required. Check the compatibility chart here:. GuestSpy is available in three plans. As the name suggests, TheTruthSpy is a mobile spying app that can let you keep tabs on another phone without touching it and get to the truth of everything.

Its text message tracker lets the user spy on the incoming and outgoing text messages on Android and iMessages on iPhone. You can also get the name of the person, contact number and check the date and time stamps. TheTruthSpy is compatible with Android and iPhone jailbreak is required. TheTruthSpy is available in 3 plans. One-month, three-month, six-month and month subscriptions are available.

You can use this app for monitoring your teen, employees, and even other family members. This would include background services such as SMS Tracker. To learn more about managing your phone's power settings click here Also, make sure you are running SMS Tracker version 4. This release does a better job of reducing the power consumption of our background service. By turning off GPS polling, SMS Tracker is significantly less likely to be stopped by the system when its looking to conserve battery life.

This feature consumes a lot of power and you should consider turning it off. If you are running SMS Tracker 4.

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To turn this off, go to the Settings page and click the "Edit this phone" link. First, please make sure you are running the latest version of our app. If you have trouble finding this option, try looking for it in your Android Settings. You can use our tutorial to help you find it. The target phone might be running a Battery Optimizer which will arbitrarily kill apps that it deems are running in the background. We have a tutorial on how to enable TLS here.

First, check to make sure the phone's data access is still available by using the phone's browser to access the internet.. Make sure the phone is not in airplane mode. Make sure the running time is slowly ticking up. Check to make sure the app is still installed on the phone. Try doing a hard reboot of the phone by powering it down and removing the battery for 10 or 15 seconds.

Then reboot. Make sure the time and timezone are correct for the device. Check to make sure battery optimizer apps aren't killing SMS Tracker. We have a helpful tutorial screen which you can find at this link. If you need to move your phone to a different account, contact support from the original email address on the account and let them know what you would like to change your email address to.

Or, if you no longer have access to the old email account, provide them with the original account password to confirm that you are the original account holder. You should have received an email asking you to confirm your email address with our site. If not, check your spam filter to make sure it isn't there.

Otherwise, send us an email at support gizmoquip. Simply install SMS Tracker on any phone that you wish to monitor.

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