Cellular monitoring system

Cloud-Based Monitoring... Without Network Connections

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Cellular Monitoring: Process Monitoring with Cellular Technology

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Best smart home support. While both cellular and wireless security systems are characterized by a lack of wires, they are fundamentally different when it comes to home security. Cellular-based security systems have several advantages over landline-based systems. Here are just a few reasons you should consider switching to cellular alarm monitoring.

The physical connection of a landline-based home security system is a major weakness because a burglar could cut your phone line prior to breaking and entering. Cutting a phone line isn't as complicated as it sounds: Most homes have a compartment built into the side of the wall or near the ground that contains your phone line, among other electrical wiring.

What Is Cellular Alarm Monitoring

In many cases, this panel can be accessed with a regular screwdriver. If someone were to cut the wiring inside, it would prevent any distress signal from being sent to your monitoring station, rendering the home security system useless. A cellular-based security system has no such weakness, as it uses the same reliable network of cellular towers that your mobile phone is designed for.

Even if you live in an area with poor cell service, in many cases the cell communicator is still able to maintain a consistent connection. Security systems need a cellular connection so you can count on reliable, uninterrupted protection. Landline cables are vulnerable to the elements. Heavy snow, rain, and other weather conditions can damage them, severing your connection to your alarm company. Additionally, security systems that rely on a Wi-Fi connection are also prone to failure should the internet at your home go down.

Even in the event of internet outages, cellular communicators are unaffected. Cellular networks span wide areas, reaching even remote locations.

There's no phone line to cut

The amount of data that passes between the system and the central station is far less than the amount you'd need to hold a conversation or surf the web. This means that a cellular-based security system is able to work even in remote areas. Adding a cellular communicator to your security system to enable cellular and Wi-Fi alarm monitoring can come with an additional cost.

However, you no longer need to pay for a landline each month. With a cellular system, you have the freedom to mount the control panel anywhere in your home. Many security systems that use cellular alarm monitoring also come with newer features like smartphone apps that allow you to remotely connect to them.

Cellular Monitoring

You can also be notified via text if you get any security alerts. In an emergency, speed is everything. Cellular alarm monitoring can contact your central monitoring station faster than a landline can. If your crazy neighbor digs up the cable while building a fence next door…no problem…. All thanks to this little marvel of modern technology: the Cellular Module. Every day hundreds of people cancel their home phone and switch to Cellular.

Smart and informed buyers are making the change to Cellular for their phone services and now they are also making the change to Cellular for their Security Monitoring Services.

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