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Submit Review. Related Products. Sony Compact Earphone Style Microphone, Hidden Cameras. Digital Voice Recorders. GPS Tracking. Security Cameras. Spy Gear. Huawei is currently on the receiving end of a U. Huawei has pleaded not guilty.

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The trade blacklist has added to its woes, following which Alphabet Inc's Google suspended some business with Huawei, Reuters reported on Sunday citing a person familiar with the matter, raising worries about the Chinese firm's smartphones that run on Google's Android operating system. The license also allows Huawei to engage in the development of standards for fifth-generation 5G telecom networks. Washington has tried to persuade U. Australia, Taiwan and some other governments have imposed curbs on use of Huawei technology, but Germany, France and other countries still do business with the company.

China could retaliate against America for its treatment of Huawei in a number of devastating ways - the most likely would be to targeting US companies that do business in the region, such as Apple. Greater China ranks third among the regions that generate the most revenue for the company, behind the US and Europe.

Smartphone Spy Lens turns your phone into a periscope

Additionally, the majority of Apple's supply chain consists of Chinese companies that manufacture key components like sensors, OLED displays and other parts used in the iPhone. If Apple can't rely on Chinese manufacturers, it may be forced to move to suppliers in the US or elsewhere, which could result in an increase in iPhone prices. Additionally, some Chinese consumers have already latched onto a growing 'Boycott Apple' movement in retaliation, which means Apple may suffer lasting damage to its brand in the region as a result of the Huawei ban.

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Apple isn't the only US firm that's likely to feel an impact. Tech companies that rely on Huawei as a major will also be hurt. Intel, Microsoft, Qualcomm Broadcom and Micron provide components or services that are used in Huawei products, while Corning glass and Dolby speakers are used in Huawei phones.

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Existing and new Huawei phones will be hurt the most when it comes to security updates. These devices will no longer be able to access over-the-air security updates supplied by Android, as well as new software versions, like Google's upcoming Android Q. But Huawei devices will be forced to use the open source version of Android, which means the firm will learn of security updates the day they're issued and, as a result, will have to ship them out to users manually.

This could leave Huawei devices vulnerable to attacks or other security flaws in the time that it takes to download new security updates.

Huawei would also be left out of future Android software updates. Since it's using an open source version, it can't legally market its phones as being Android devices. The ban will most likely affect Huawei's line of Mate laptops as well. Huawei's computer business relies heavily on chips made by Intel, Qualcomm and others, as well as Microsoft's Windows operating system. Since these companies aren't doing business with Huawei, it's not yet clear what this means for future laptops made by the firm. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

Conspiracy theorists suggest the REAL reason America banned Huawei was because of its 'insane' 50x super spy lens as they post video of it zooming in on boys playing chess The U. Share this article Share.

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Huawei stole a robot's arm for trade secrets: US government The US government is alleging Chinese tech company Huawei went so far as to steal a robot's arm in its bid to get its hands on T-Mobile's trade secrets. What devices could be impacted by the decision? Google ships Android security updates to device owners automatically. Share or comment on this article: Conspiracy theorists suggest US ban on Huawei due to 50x super spy lens e-mail 2. Comments Share what you think. View all.

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Police probe 'wider conspiracy' over death truck as it emerges it was in convoy of THREE and families say Last year, we saw the HiLo lens , a right-angle lens attachment for iPhones, hit Kickstarter and succeed. It's not as fancy as the HiLo, which contains three lenses and a prism; instead, it uses a mirror at a degree angle. This can be rotated so that you can take photos from any position. It has a magnetic ring on its base; included with the periscope is an adhesive metal ring that you can stick around your phone's camera lens. The periscope can then be magnetically mounted.

It's a system that works great with pretty much any phone on the market — and, while you're at it, a range of lens attachments. While you're there, you may as well combine shipping, right?

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