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Many programs are promising a new revolution in spy software. Do those products promising you this really work? There are some new spy solutions for Apple devices that can give limited monitoring using the users Apple ID and Password - mSpy have a No Jailbreak version for example. This is Not what the scam companies are offering. This monitoring method does not install any software on the target phone - it is Not Spy Software - rather a way to copy backups from your Apple iCloud backups and report some data.

It gives some reduced monitoring features but can't be compared to full blown phone spy software. It also has a serious flaw - you must have the target phone users Apple ID and Password. Remember this type of service is Not what the scammers are selling. Even if you see some red flags, the idea of software like this sounds too tempting.

You might be desperate for this to work - some people email me in quite a state worried about kids and loved ones - that is when you drop your defenses. It doesn't matter how much you Want this to work - it will not, and you will lose cash and pride. The answer is no. If remote installation was true, why would all the legitimate monitoring software programs not allow it? There are two main reasons:. If people could really do this, fraud would be going through the roof and the companies would be openly breaking serious laws.

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The scammers will claim that you can spy on a phone without doing anything to it. However, this is impossible - as they describe it. If you do install it, after Jailbreaking, you need to call it using Bluetooth, not call it by entering its number. To do this, both phones need to have Bluetooth connection, and both need to accept the connection using a code.

Scammed by Spyphone Software? Here’s What To Do | FlexiSPY Blog

They need to accept your Bluetooth pairing and be in the same area at all times. To make things even worse, the files they give you are usually not suited for your current update, and most of the files are junk. In most cases the companies will send out old outdated files that will not open, let alone install remotely and work. This is another angle some companies use, and still a scam. Again highly illegal and they couldn't sell it openly. They just use the idea as a hook to get you to buy. People ask me - "can't spy software be downloaded on a phone without my knowledge - like spyware or viruses and Trojans?

Well, I am no tech genius but I'm sure someone will tell me this is possible - and I wouldn't be surprised. But, the point is - this would not be freely available to buy online. Have you seen a website offering viruses and Trojans for sale? It does not matter how the installation files are sent to the target device — No Jailbreak means no installation.

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The problem is, to setup a Bluetooth connection both devices will need to have the Bluetooth wireless technology and the target user will need to accept a request to connect with the other device. Plus it gets more complicated. Both devices will need to be within a specific range usually within the same room to establish a connection.

Scammed by Spyphone Software? Here’s What To Do

At best you can get a working range of about feet! They will need to accept a request to pair with your device via Bluetooth and be within range of the device. Even then — if all that did miraculously work — monitoring would only happen within the small range of Bluetooth connectivity. The vast majority of these developers are actually distributing outdated files that can no longer be opened, let alone come through on remote installation.

Pure spy software scams! The usual claim is that you can send someone an innocent looking file as an attachment — and when they open it, the spy app will secretly install on the target device. After all you here the warnings about viruses and phishing scams working like this — and how you should never open suspicious attachments. Well, no. Remember these companies are openly selling this software online.

Do you ever see a company or individual openly selling viruses, Trojans or malware online?

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No — because it is illegal and they would face prosecution. The irony here is that it would appear that it is ok to advertise false claims and sell bogus products that do not work. But if the spying software did work — the seller would be prosecuted and closed down. The authorities need to act to stop these false claims! Google is always a good place to go seek answers if you are thinking about investing in a spy software. Many software developers will go as far as to hire writers to write positive reviews about their software without even using it.

Many of these reviews are written by freelance writers who know exactly what to say to convince prospective buyers that the software is magical.

5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Cell Phone Spy Software

The point is, none of these programs will work. Once a company is claiming that their software can be installed remotely, your instinct should be to turn the other way. No legit company will release this sort of software online and put themselves in legal trouble.

Spy Software for Cell Phones and Tablets

They make it seem like you are getting the best deal ever by offering a number of bonuses with the software. Most of the time these bonuses have nothing to do with the software that they are offering and most legit companies will not do these things. You may also want to compare the same website to that of a legit company. Legitimate companies would typically have different content on their website; with professionally written and informative articles. If the price is too low, be on the alert.

Of course some legit software companies will offer their products at an affordable rate. See what I did there? Up until recently MobileSpy did offer a fully operational seven day free trial, they were the only ones to do so. Unfortunately they have stopped this offer but they do have short term contracts for very little outlay — and they have a good refund policy. They also have a demo account so that you can see the interface and how it works. Be sure to read my review of Mobile Spy for the important details you need to get started without any hiccups sorry but I had to do it — reeling you in!

Seriously though, there is no such thing as free spy software that actually works — keep looking for it and you will actually end up costing yourself more — with some scam! Here is my challenge — can anyone find me free cell phone spy software online?

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